Having started its operations in 1949, Şenlikoğlu A.S. manufactured storage tanks for chemicals industry by using stainless steel in its production even at the early years of its operations. Although in those years manufacturing operations were performed under very primitive conditions, the company still made a significant contribution to our chemical industry. It has commenced manufacturing of mixers, heat exchangers and reactors in parallel with the needs of the developing Turkish industry, and become an indispensable supporter of the chemical sector. 

It makes us proud to see that, even today, some of our productions are still operational in many companies within the chemical sector. 

In the past 10 years, Şenlikoğlu A.S., with 70% of its production being exported, has proven its presence and superiority with its numerous facilities, not only in Turkey, but also in Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Kenya, Ghana, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to the rest of the Middle East. 

Being able to operate under the intense competitive environment within the chemical sector is only possible with trouble-free facilities that have the necessary equipment to provide the required product quality, with expenses minimized. With its technical team who closely follows the technological developments and its expert team of professionals, Şenlikoğlu A.S. not only offers its products to its customers, but it also provides engineering services regarding establishment and revision of their facilities.

With international standard conformant production of stainless steel devices (reactors, mixers, condensers etc.) and pressure containers, Şenlikoğlu A.S.’s one of primary principles is to assure its customers that the company is always on their side by providing high quality service and maintenance services.  

Pandeli Şenlikoğlu


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